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Cookies are small files that contain information that websites use to identify each visitor. When you enter our site, a Cookie records your information and other information about your activity on the site. This is so that we can improve our services and the experience of using our website in the medium term. You can delete Cookies from your browser settings. It is important to note that the information recorded is anonymous and does not cause the slightest damage to your device.
Types of Cookies:

  • Necessary Cookies & Functionality Cookies: This category of cookies is necessary for the smooth operation of an eCommerce website because it 'memorizes' your preferences and in this way there are functions such as Wishlist or our Site "remembers" what you have in your cart, the next time you return to our site. Also the absence of these make it impossible even to simply add products to your cart, making them essential for an eshop.
  • Cookies Analytics: These cookies collect behavioral information about how a visitor uses our site, so we try to become better and better by studying them.
  • Advertising Cookies: These are the cookies that are used to see interesting ads, related to your interests, thus avoiding your anarchic siege from mass messages and general content ads. At the same time, they provide us with statistical data to constantly improve our offers and advertisements. You may edit or exclude yourself from such cookies by notifying Google here
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